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Video Surveillance Products

Camera Selection
With hundreds of products to choose from, WatchPoint Video helps you select the right hardware and software for your application.  With cameras, variables such as resolution, field of view, night-time performance, and weather and vandal resistance vary greatly between products, as does cost.  Take the guess work out of product selection by drawing on our experience with a wide variety of equipment.

Commercial Grade Servers
Ideal for commercial and industrial applications of any size. Quad core Intel processors meet the rigorous demands of 24/7 monitoring and can be expanded with 1 Terabyte drives for extended storage.  Based on the Milestone XProtect video management software, these systems meet IT standards for reliability, manageability, and performance.

Hybrid Systems
For companies that already have a video system in place, leverage your existing analog cameras and wiring by moving to an all digital solution.  Over time DVR systems break, run out of ports, and are expensive to upgrade with more storage.  Open system servers offer better performance, unlimited expandability, and a wider selection of compatible products compared to your existing DVR.

Residential Systems
Easy to use and simple to install, these systems offer home owners a fully digital solution without adding new wiring to the home.  Ideal for do-it-yourself installation, a six camera system is affordable enough to use on vacation homes and for monitoring your home while at work. Indoor, outdoor and covert camera models are available.