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Hybrid Systems

Hybrid systems provide a transition strategy for companies that already have analog cameras installed but want a pathway to upgrade their DVR to the latest network video server. The main advantage of a hybrid system is investment protection for the existing analog cameras, enclosures, and co-axial wiring in an environment that also supports the new IP based network cameras on CAT5e wiring.

A video encoder is used to convert the analog video signal into a stream of bits on a TCP/IP network. Encoders are available in many different configurations, including stand-alone and rack-mounted models ranging from 1 port to 48 ports and up. Analog PTZ cameras and audio channels are supported on most models. Video quality will be the same or better than the original analog signal: full D1 resolution (720 x 486 pixels) is the norm.

With the encoder and possibly some IP based network cameras installed, the DVR is replaced with a Network Video Server running the Milestone XProtect video management software. This 'Open System' approach ensures an upgrade path that will never become obsolete. New cameras and additional storage can be easily added to the system. See this application note for full details regarding the costs and benefits of migrating to a hybrid system.