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Commercial Grade Systems

Video surveillance is an industry where you really do 'get what you pay for'.  Landfills are littered with inexpensive cameras and no-name DVR's that break after only two years, and never produced good video in the first place. 

WatchPoint Video designs are based on Enterprise class products from major world-class vendors such as Sony, Axis, Panasonic, Intel, Seagate, and other highly reputable companies.  For example, our designs are based on server-rated Intel motherboards and chassis, not inexpensive desktop systems.  The disk drives are Seagate 'ES' enterprise drives (extended wear and duty cycle), and the operating system partition will be in a RAID array for fail-safe reliability.

The Video Management software for these systems is provided by Milestone Systems, the industry leader in network based video surveillance.  With more than 40,000 installations world-wide, the Milestone XProtect software is the most reliable, fully featured, and easy-to-use product available today.

For more information about these products visit the Milestone website, or contact WatchPoint Video for a quote.