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Camera Selection

Over 400 cameras are supported with the Milestone XProtect software so a full range of functionality is covered.  The cameras listed below are representative of some popular models.  Most cameras fall into one of the following categories:

(Click on a camera to view the data sheet)

Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cameras
There are two types of PTZ cameras:  Traditional motorized PTZ's rotate the camera head around the viewing area.  A movable lens element creates the optical zoom function (18x to 25x is typical). Digital PTZ's have a large megapixel sensor, but only transmit a subset of that frame. The viewing window is electronically panned around on the sensor, so there are no moving parts.


MegaPixel Cameras
Analog cameras must conform to NTSC television standards which limit them to 480 or 520 lines of resolution. Network cameras have no such limit, and are now available in resolutions up to 8 MegaPixels. MegaPixel cameras offer the best detail and largest area of coverage, but frame rates are seldom over 15 fps due to the large amount of data being generated.


Mini-Dome Cameras
Mini-domes are a good value, because they include the camera, lens, and enclosure in a single package.  With Power over Ethernet (PoE) support, installation is much easier than other models. Look for an IP66 weather proof rating, heavy duty casing, and impact resistant dome on outdoor and vandal-proof models.


Fixed Cameras
A fixed camera is the best option when a specific area must be covered 100% of the time. CS compatible models have a wide selection of lenses available ranging from wide-angle to telephoto. A vari-focal lens can adjust focal length and zoom to optimize the view.


Specialty Cameras
Some situations require specialized hardware. Some common examples are license plate reading, 360 degree viewing, infra-red imaging, dual lens, and ultra-small covert cameras.